Mission statement:

JUMP: A Haring Center Experience is committed to ensuring that families and children of all abilities and backgrounds have access to a place to play and learn even when school is not in session.


We believe that the best learning happens when kids are having fun. With that philosophy in mind, JUMP: A Haring Center Experience strives to bring play and learning together. Drawing on local resources, we prepare young learners to engage with their community. With the help of predictable routines, individualized instruction, and support from skilled professionals, we encourage peer interaction, build on progress made during the school year, and challenge learners to explore their community in new ways. We value partnerships with families, caregivers, educators, and the community, working alongside these important stakeholders to give kids the tools and connections they need to be successful wherever they go.


Benefits to children:

  • Access to quality, inclusive curriculum
  • Enable kids of all abilities to access the community
  • Build social skills with peers
  • Maintain routine and combat skill regression
  • Engage with community through field trips and other “Community Connections”

Community benefits:

  • Connect educators with inclusive training opportunities
  • Model inclusion beyond the school year
  • Increase access to inclusive learning settings, in and out of school
  • Facilitate connections between families, educators, and the community
  • Model STEM-focused instruction for children with disabilities